Preconditions for Cross-sector Collaboration

On The Intersector Project blog, Chris Thompson, author of the Fund's new Collaboration handbook, discusses the preconditions that must be present for collaboration to take shape (effectively).


Avoiding “Coblaboration:” How Engaging Public Sector Leaders Can Lead to Successful Cross-sector Collaborations

Our Chris Thompson, director of regional engagement, writes on The Intersector Project Blog that public officials are well positioned to help their communities address the three keys to successful collaborations. 

Attention Cross-Sector Collaboration Champions: Are We Forgetting the Public Sector?

The Intersector Project Executive Director Neil Britto asked a provocative question recently in RouteFiftyAre those of us who seek to improve cross-sector collaboration in the United States to improve public welfare forgetting what could be our most important client — the public sector? Our Chris Thompson, director of regional engagement, responds with his own observations on engaging the public sector in cross-sector collaborations here

Elevating the Conversation on Economic Success

Emily Garr Pacetti, our director of research and evaluation, writes about how research, our own and that of others, challenged us to raise the bar on economic opportunity beyond “jobs.” We propose a Growth & Opportunity framework that bridges the disconnect between the “growth camp” (economic development agencies, chambers of commerce) and “opportunity camp” (social service providers, non-profits, and foundations) at two levels: cross-sector collaboration and logal-regional collaboration. This post originally appeared on The Intersector Project blog.

Jobs and the Intersector

The Intersector Project blog recently referenced our Emily Garr Pacetti's post on Living Cities, saying that it presents a persuasive case for the connection between intersector collaboration and job creation. The Intersector Project Chairman Frank Weil expanded on this topic. His entry is re-posted below in its entirety.