2018 Annual Report

In 2018, we put a stake in the ground with the release of The Two Tomorrows—a candid assessment of how the Northeast Ohio economy is doing [Read: we need more growth and we are leaving too many people behind], and a call for our community to choose a more extraordinary tomorrow. The release of this seminal report came at the right time for our collaborative, as we wrapped up our fifth three-year strategic phase and began planning for another three years to bring Growth & Opportunity to Northeast Ohio. The 40+ funders that make up the Fund spent time reflecting on what has and has not worked in our more than 15 years of existence and acknowledged we were nowhere near our potential. How can we expect others to choose extraordinary if we do not do so ourselves?

We hope as you read through this annual report—our accounting of our accomplishments in 2018 and over the last three years cumulatively—that our earnest commitment to the region and to achieving Growth & Opportunity is made clear. We are thrilled to be embarking on an agenda in 2019-2021 that will help us more emphatically walk the talk and deliver on our vision of a more extraordinary tomorrow, together.