Civic Alignment

by | Aug 26, 2013

Research and experience tell us that advancing a growing, opportunity-rich economy for the people of Northeast Ohio requires the alignment of engaged stakeholders from multiple sectors and across geographies; strategies that simultaneously address the inter-connected priorities of job creation, job preparation and job access; and the connection of local assets and initiatives to the regional economy.

To maximize alignment with the private sector, our Fund partners with corporate leaders to develop a shared understanding of the region’s economy, identify key priorities and support effective strategies. As part of that business-philanthropic partnership, many of the region’s organizations that address economic priorities, including the Fund, meet regularly to align their individual efforts and collectively measure their progress.

The Fund also engages diverse stakeholders in communities to identify opportunities to align their economic efforts with regional assets and initiatives. Economic transformation requires regional work because the exchange of goods and services is concentrated within a region rather than in individual cities. While Northeast Ohio is one economic region, it is made up of many diverse, distinct places. Strong connections among those distinct places and our region’s world-class assets can enable Northeast Ohio to outperform the rest of the country. Because many of the decisions that influence a region’s economic competitiveness are made locally, a strong regional economy requires effective and aligned efforts at both the local and regional levels. By connecting local initiatives to resources and assets throughout the region, we can maximize success, minimize competition between communities, and coordinate strategies to address economic priorities.