Dominic Mathew, Director of Mobility Innovation

Dominic is working with stakeholders in business, workforce development and transportation to launch a number of pilots in Northeast Ohio to better connect people to jobs in the region, as part of our Fund’s commitment to improving job access. He brings extensive domestic and international experience in transportation planning and sustainability to his role, including time at a mobility organization in India, where he focused on public transit and questions of equity and affordability. Now Ubereconomics, automated vehicles and Mobility as a Service appeal to him as he navigates living car-free in Northeast Ohio. Most recently, Dominic was at Cornell University, where he completed a Master of Regional Planning and Environmental Finance. In a previous life, he was an architect—his doodles on random surfaces gives this away—and he has withdrawal symptoms whenever he looks at beautiful cities (like Cleveland!) or colorful art. In his free time, Dominic loves experimenting with food, with a penchant for putting together seemingly incompatible combinations (a recipe for Nutella and chicken anyone?).

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