Economic Outcomes

by | Sep 29, 2014

From 2016-June 2018, our job creation grantee partners drove the following outcomes:

  • 17,346 jobs
  • $873 million of payroll 
  • $5.04 billion of capital 

Since our founding in 2004, our Fund’s efforts have helped retain or create more than 35,800 jobs, add more than $1.6 billion in payroll, and attract more than $9 billion in capital to Northeast Ohio.

In 2017, our Fund focused on better understanding whether the historic jobs, payroll and capital gains of our job creation grantee partners advance Growth & Opportunity, and whether and where to consider strategic shifts. The impetus of the assessment stemmed from our longstanding commitment to racial and economic inclusion. Historically, it’s been difficult to accurately and appropriately reflect progress on this commitment, for a variety of reasons. Armed with new information, we now have years of job creation data and a spatial frame through which to analyze results. This has served as the foundation of a Job Creation Growth & Opportunity Impact Assessment.

Through the Impact Assessment, we reviewed collective performance and grantee-by-grantee results, and considered ways to more robustly ensure our job creation grantees support both the “Growth” and “Opportunity” elements of our agenda going forward. For more details, click here.