Fund for Our Economic Future Creates Space for Diversity on Its Board

by | Feb 10, 2020

By Mary Kilpatrick,

 The Fund for Our Economic Future, an alliance of more than 40 foundations, companies, governments and higher education institutions working toward improving Northeast Ohio’s economic prospects, on Monday announced it expanded its board to include a more diverse membership.

Historically, the board was made up of one representative of each of its members organizations. To join, all members were required to contribute at least $100,000 over three years.

The Fund added eight members to the board through a new path, called civic membership. These members have the same voting rights as all other board members, but do not have to pay to join. The board specifically sought people of color to fill these roles.

The civic board membership roles were created in response to the Fund’s 2018 “Two Tomorrow” report, which called for racial inclusion.

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