Fund for Our Economic Future Focuses on Worker Mobility

by | Jun 13, 2018

By The Business Journal


Members of the Fund for Our Economic Future have approved a $300,000 grant to launch a worker mobility project that would improve access to jobs in northeast Ohio.


Voting members of the fund, those who contribute $100,000 or more over three years, approved the grant June 7 during a board meeting at Kent State University at Stark.


“There is a growing geographic divide between workers and jobs in our region as development expands outward without an increase in the number of people or jobs,” said Peter Truog, the fund’s director of civic innovation, in a news release. “This makes it harder for businesses to access talent and for residents to access jobs.”


Northeast Ohio residents spend between 24%  and 29% of their income on transportation, a large part of which is the cost of commuting to work. Workers without cars face difficult commutes on public transportation because the region’s jobs are no longer concentrated along fixed transportation routes, according to the grant announcement.


“This spatial mismatch is inefficient, ineffective, and amounts to distance discrimination that undermines our region’s long-term economic competitiveness,” Truog said.


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