Fund for Our Economic Future Puts Strategic Emphasis on Job Access, Racial Inclusion

by | Dec 18, 2018

By Michelle Jarboe, The Plain Dealer


The Fund for Our Economic Future, a philanthropic alliance based in Cleveland, is putting access to jobs and more direct acknowledgement of racial disparities at the forefront of its new, three-year plan.


On Tuesday, the fund announced that its board has approved a $10 million strategy for 2019 to 2021.


Though the collaboration of 40-plus funders still cares about job creation, the organizations are turning more attention and resources toward connecting Northeast Ohio residents to existing employers. For example, they’re talking about pilot programs that make it easier for people to get to work – beyond cars, which not everyone can afford, and public transportation, which doesn’t always provide a direct route between employment hubs and the places where workers and job candidates live.


The new plan builds on “The Two Tomorrows,” a report the fund released early this year. That document bluntly portrays economic and social hurdles the 18-county region faces, depicting a future that’s either bleak – more job loss, population loss, poverty and inequality – or bright, depending on choices that policymakers, business leaders and civic organizations make.


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