Fund for Our Economic Future Takes Aim at Regional Economic Growth

by | Jun 1, 2017

By Adam Burroughs, Smart Business




“We have the fundamental belief that the opportunity in front of us is one that’s transformational in nature,” says Brad Whitehead, president of Fund For Our Economic Future, a collaboration of funding communities that have come together to improve the economic vibrancy of Northeast Ohio.


There’s a need, he says, to transition the regional economy into one that’s globally competitive. That will require fundamental changes in the industry mix, how innovation is thought about and promoted, how the workforce is prepared and how infrastructure connects firms, people and opportunities.


The Fund and its members, which include businesses, nonprofits, governmental entities, foundations and individuals, try to determine what really matters to a healthy economy and what initiatives are effective, and then mobilize community stakeholders around actions that can make a difference in the region.


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