‘Green economy’ guide provides Northeast Ohio businesses with a roadmap on the coming transition

by | Apr 22, 2024

The Fund for Our Economic Future published a new guide Monday to support Northeast Ohio businesses and stakeholders through a transition to the green economy.

The green economy, as defined in the Practical Guide to the Green Economy, includes federal, state and local investments in renewable energy, along with changing consumer behavior that favors climate-friendly products and packaging, The Fund for Our Economic Future President Bethia Burke said.

“Market forces today are different than market forces were five or even two years ago, where companies are changing their sourcing, they’re changing their, public facing objectives and they’re changing their behavior,” Burke said. “That means when we think about economic growth in the long term, we need to be understanding this change and responding differently in order to capture that growth.”

Northeast Ohio is expected to be more climate-resilient than other parts of the country due to the region’s relatively moderate climate and access to Lake Erie.

These factors give the region a competitive edge in the green economy, Burke said, but if we don’t take advantage of that, we could miss out.

“These are all positives. They are also not distinctly unique to Northeast Ohio. There are other places that can claim those things as well,” she said. “So, we’re starting from a strong place, and we need to elevate that strength, with the services that we offer to businesses, with the connections we have to people [and] to the economy, and with these infrastructure investments that can make us, competitive for the future that we’re seeing develop right now.”

The guide highlights three strategies that businesses and other stakeholders can consider implementing to assist in the transition to the green economy: greening job hubs, future-proofing businesses and maximizing community benefits.

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