If Only Our Region’s Leaders Were as Good as Lebron James: Brent Larkin

by | May 31, 2018

By Brent Larkin, cleveland.com


LeBron James owes us nothing.

No matter who wins the NBA title matchup between the Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. No matter where James plays next year. The bottom line is beyond dispute:

James did far more for this community than it did for him.

If the leaders who run the region had been a fraction as good at their jobs as James has been at his, Greater Cleveland would be a far better place today than it was when he first stepped onto the court here Oct. 29, 2003.

In 11 years as a Cavalier, James has almost single-handedly drawn millions of people downtown.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert earns an assist for spending whatever it took to surround him with at least a smattering of talent. But it was James alone who virtually sold out Quicken Loans Arena (earlier Gund Arena) on a nightly basis.


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