Income Inequality in Greater Cleveland

Jun 22, 2018 | Research

Income Inequality in Greater Cleveland

The Two Tomorrows has challenged Northeast Ohio to design new approaches to combat systemic racial exclusion, an issue that is significantly limiting our region’s economic growth. When addressing issues of systemic racial exclusion, individual interventions and isolated programs have proven insufficient in reversing centuries-long trends.

Research that fully disaggregates data by race represents one avenue for increasing awareness. These slides represent the Fund’s latest research on racial income inequality across all industries in the Cleveland MSA.

Our Fund has formally stated that effectively advancing systemic racial inclusion requires changing minds, changing policies, changing practices, and changing laws. We intend to do this through increased awareness, action and accountability.


Embedding an awareness of the history, data and realities of racial exclusion; including sponsoring members to attend the Racial Equity Institute training sessions.


Our Fund will focus our research efforts on the systems that are perpetuating systemic racial exclusion while advancing systemic interventions that are responsive to that research (e.g., job hubs, addressing spatial mismatch through mobility innovations, and quantifying the economic impact of collateral sanctions).


We must continue to hold our region, our Fund, our organizations, and ourselves accountable for a more systemically inclusive economy.