Job Creation Growth & Opportunity Impact Assessment

Dec 18, 2017 | Research

Our Fund’s Growth & Opportunity framework is predicated on the conviction that our region’s economy will be stronger and more sustainable when all people have the opportunity to benefit from our growth. From the start, our Fund has been committed to racial and economic inclusion, but historically, it’s been difficult to accurately and appropriately reflect progress on this commitment, for a variety of reasons.

In 2017, armed with new information, we set out to better understand whether the jobs, payroll and capital gains of our job creation grantee partners advance Growth & Opportunity, and whether and where to consider strategic shifts.

We engaged several advisors to help shape this work, including our members, our grantee partners and their clients, community-based leaders, national and regional experts, and others.

Our Findings

Below are summaries of our findings for Northeast Ohio overall, as well as for specific counties where our members work. To learn more about our methodology or what these results mean for your community, please contact us at