National Fund for Workforce Solutions Supports Four Communities to Create More Inclusive Economies

by | Jan 11, 2021

Josh Enoch, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Washington, D.C. – (January 11, 2021) – Today, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions announced that four communities in its network will each receive $195,000 in grants to redesign frontline jobs and help workers achieve financial resiliency and economic mobility.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on frontline workers, exposing the harsh reality that our economy is based on too many low-wage, low-quality jobs and that frontline workers are extremely vulnerable, with the loss of just one paycheck leading to catastrophe.

The four funded communities will first develop local recovery plans that respond to new economic conditions resulting from the pandemic, and long-standing conditions including racial inequities in workforce outcomes. Then, they will engage employers to redesign local jobs to support a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

“We cannot make the same mistakes we did in the Great Recession,” said Tom Strong, director of employer activation at the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. “We have an opportunity to redesign our economy on a foundation of economy-boosting jobs that benefit workers and employers alike, and these projects will do just that.”

Each local partner will engage employers to develop their recovery plans and implement job design changes.

The Fund for Our Economic Future, in Cleveland, will bring together healthcare employers, workers, and community leaders to create equitable career growth opportunities for state-trained nursing aides and help more of these workers advance.

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