New Initiative Hopes to Create Stronger Workforce in Summit County for Job-seekers, Employers

by | Mar 17, 2016

By Chris Miller, Akronist


Conexus unveils cross-sector campaign to connect companies with employees


More than 50,000 new manufacturing jobs will open up over the next 10 years in Northeast Ohio, but many local job-seekers have historically been unaware of the bounty of opportunities available in technical and skilled trades.


Conexus, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting talent development in Summit County, will help pull together public, private, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations to strengthen the connection between companies and job-seekers. The organization, formerly Summit Workforce Solutions, celebrated its new identity earlier this week, along with Akron and Summit County officials, educational and nonprofit leaders, and other key players in local workforce development.


At a kickoff event at SGS Tools in Cuyahoga Falls, Conexus President Sue Lacy issued a call to action for those in attendance and offered a number of real-world examples of how her organization has impacted the local manufacturing community, with comments from employers and skilled workers themselves.


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