New report shows Northeast Ohio is uniquely positioned to benefit from a green economy

by | Apr 24, 2024

By Kim Palmer

According to a new publication released by the Fund for Our Economic Future, the emerging global green economy will favor places like Northeast Ohio because it’s a place that makes things.

“The Practical Guide to the Green Economy,” is an urgent call for a green economic development strategy for our freshwater-adjacent, manufacturing-rich region, explains Fund for Our Economic Future President Bethia Burke.

“The green economy is a real opportunity to retain current jobs and bring in significant job gains,” Burke said. “The green economy is the future economy, but that transition won’t automatically happen for us without some deliberate action.”

The Fund’s Green Guide was created as a strategic approach for governmental, civic, philanthropic and economic development groups to support and invest in the regional transition to an economy where jobs and technology are not yet in demand.

The message, Burke said, is that this economic shift — unlike the one 20 years ago to a technology-based economy — will reward places with the capability to build and deploy, rather than just program and design.

The report, over 100 pages, is broken into three sections: outlining approaches to creating green job hubs; helping businesses transition and grow in a green economy; and maximizing the community benefit of the transition.

“There are new ways of doing business as a result of the green transition and that means that we in economic development need to be deliberate about where investments are made to capture opportunity,” Burke said.

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