Northeast Ohio Areas of Economic Distress

Jul 15, 2016 | Research

A primary goal of Growth & Opportunity is to strengthen the connectivity between the region’s most distressed neighborhoods and the regional economy. Our Fund uses two measures, labor force participation rate and median household income, to identify neighborhoods where we will collaborate with others to promote job creation, job preparation and job access.

In 2016, we published profiles of economically distressed neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio. Our Fund defines economically distressed neighborhoods as census tracts where less than 65 percent of residents age 25 to 64 are working or looking for work, and where median household income is in the bottom quartile, i.e., below $31,322 in 2014.

In Northeast Ohio:

  • There are 120 distressed tracts
  • 10 of 18 counties have one or more distressed tracts
  • The total distressed area population is 258,308. That’s 6 percent of the region’s total population, or, one in 17 individuals


To learn more about the areas of economic distress in individual communities in Northeast Ohio, please see the neighborhood profiles for:

For more information or to explore how local and regional strategies might align to reduce areas of economic distress, please contact us at