On the Road to Better

by | Nov 28, 2015

By the Akron Beacon Journal editorial board


One slogan long uttered by politicians, policymakers and other public officials is “welfare to work.” The principle is that public assistance should come with requirements for recipients to seek or prepare for employment. That is easier said than done when the state economy is sluggish, as it is today, and many in Ohio have dropped out of the job market for lack of prospects.


Then, there is the challenge identified by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in a study released last week, “A Long Ride to Work: Job Access and Public Transportation in Northeast Ohio.” Brett Barkley and Alexandre Gomes-Pereira identify how the structure of the regional economy matters. Are we organized in a way that advances as effectively as possible the concept of opportunity, especially for those at the lower rungs for income and skills?


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