Paradox Prize Seeks Inventive Transportation Solutions

by | May 13, 2019

By Tami Mosser, The Daily Record

It’s the classic chicken-or-egg paradox, but in transportation terms: If you have no car, you can’t get a job. If you have no job, you can’t buy a car.

The Fund for Our Economic Future wants to see inventive ideas coming from across the region to address that problem and the Cleveland-based Fund is willing to put up the money so those ideas can be piloted. To that end, it is offering The Paradox Prize in cooperation with the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, the Greater Cleveland Partnership and The Lozick Family Foundation.

Wayne County might want a bite at that $1 million apple, so Dominic Mathew, the Fund’s director of mobility innovation, laid out the guidelines Monday morning at a meeting of the Wayne County Transportation Coalition.

The timing couldn’t be better, said Community Action of Wayne/Medina CEO Melissa Pearce. In the last year, she said, “there’s been a real synergy around transportation” across the county, from the expansion of the Wooster Transit program to the growing number of private providers making transportation their business to the grant monies being accessed to provide transportation services to niche populations, such as the recovery community.

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