Philanthropic Engagement

by | Aug 26, 2013

Although our Fund’s members have distinct and varied missions, all of them believe that a growing, opportunity-rich economy is essential to advancing their individual missions. They also believe that philanthropy has a unique and important role to play in transformating the Northeast Ohio economy.  Foundations and other philanthropic entities have a commitment to growth and opportunity, ability to take a long-term perspective, capacity to cross boundaries, and position as a trusted convener of community stakeholders. We believe philanthropy can function most effectively through a collaborative process that empowers our members to shape the strategy and work of our Fund, as well as the region’s work. By working collaboratively through our Fund, members are able to leverage their resources, knowledge and relationships for maximum impact on our region’s economy.

Our members together determine the vision, mission, strategy and activities of our Fund. They also work with stakeholders from the private, public and civic sectors to help shape local and regional strategies that address Northeast Ohio’s economic priorities.

Our members participate in affinity groups to explore economic topics of interest, learn together and coordinate their activities beyond our Fund.  These groups include Fund members, as well as other individuals and organizations.