TalentNEO Open Position

by | Aug 17, 2015

Job Title: TalentNEO/Business Engagement Coordinator


Role and Relationships: The primary role of this Coordinator position is to lead the implementation of the TalentNEO skills-based hiring demonstration project as a representative of the RITE Board which serves as the IT sector lead for this regional project. See below for more about RITE and TalentNEO. In this capacity, the Coordinator will function as an integral member of RITE’s Central Office team and serve as primary recruiter of and support to businesses (IT employers) that engage in the TalentNEO Demonstration Project. The Coordinator will report to the RITE Board Administrator and interface with other staff involved with the TalentNEO project.


Position Funding: The Coordinator is funded with grant dollars. The coordinator will be hired as an independent contractor/consultant to the RITE Board via Lorain County Community College as fiscal agent and will have office space at Lorain County Community College. The position is not a professional technical position with Lorain County Community College.


Job Function and Duties:

 Subject Matter Expert/Champion of Skills-Based Model for IT

 Employer Technical Assistance

 Employer Outreach and Engagement

 IT Career Pathways Program and Resource Development

 Partnership Development with external organizations and networks.

 Budget Management

 Grant/Project Coordination and Regional Integration

 Data Management and Reporting

 Related RITE Central Office Duties


Required Qualifications:


IT and/or General Human Resources / Hiring / Recruiting Experience: Able to leverage personal subject matter expertise as applicable to skills-based hiring in ways that will foster credibility with employers, enable immediate and effective technical assistance and accelerate the adoption of the model.


Customer Focus / Sales: Ability to meet and exceed customer expectations through proven customer service experience. Experience converting prospects into customers and resolving customer issues.  Communications: Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal; ability to communicate in a manner which ensures message is understood by all.


Relationship Builder / Team Player: Proven ability to build effective relationships with customers, partners and team members. Manages relationships across multiple groups with very diverse backgrounds. Experience working in multiple team environments. Able to work autonomously, as well as working in a team environment.


Goal Setting / Project Management: Results-oriented. Sets goals using quality planning, analysis and decision making. Adapts and copes successfully with changing circumstances. Commitment and accountability to deliver on timelines (both/external and internal), ability to be precise and work to tight deadlines.


Organizational: Organized and structured. Able to work and integrate activities in complex, diverse, changing and fast growth environments. Proven ability to manage multiple projects with varying deadlines ranging from highly detailed and analytical to creative.


Problem solving: Takes initiative to identify current and potential problems and determines the best solution. Involves and/or manages the people and resources required.


Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


Ability to travel and to attend meetings and events across Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake and Summit Counties


Associate Degree minimum


Preferred Experience:


 Proven ability to manage projects, programs, and/or grants.

 Access to laptop/personal computer

 Experience with workforce and talent development initiatives.


Desired Start Date and Duration: September 2015. Minimum commitment through June 30, 2016. Potential for extension through June 30, 2017.


About RITE: The RITE Board is a regional collaboration of senior IT executives, educational leaders, and industry organizations that are committed to IT career development by proactively attracting, preparing and placing IT talent through dynamic industry, educator and community collaboration. The “APP” model provides a strategic framework for RITE initiatives as well as the regional IT talent development ecosystem to guide collective action and investment.


In 2015, RITE engaged in a regional effort called Talent NEO. A large scale demonstration project centered in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties officially launched in July 2015. Because the Talent NEO model reflects a full-spectrum approach consistent with engaging the talent, ensuring skill based preparation and connecting them through direct means to employers with opportunities, RITE is leading the work that will involve a cross section of NEO IT employers. RITE is pleased to partner on this and other efforts to build willingness to hire from both non-traditional and traditional training programs based on skills and workplace and job readiness and innovate recruiting and hiring practices to enable hiring from non-traditional programs in addition to more traditional practices.


Application and Selection Process: Send letter and resume to riteboard@gmail.com by Friday August 28. No phone inquiries please. Skills assessments and interviews will be administered. For more information about the RITE Board, visit www.getithere.net/About+RITE/