The Fund for Our Economic Future, Heeding Its Promise of Change, Adds Eight Board Members

by | Feb 10, 2020

By Scott Suttell, Crain’s Cleveland Business

The Fund for Our Economic Future is making good on promises of change.

The regional funding alliance on Monday, Feb. 10, announced it has “undertaken a significant reorganization of its board structure to better align with its mission to promote growth and opportunity throughout Northeast Ohio.”

Members of the Fund unanimously approved adding eight civic members to join the 35-person board, which historically has consisted of one representative from each of its funding organizations.

All members have the same voting rights — one member, one vote — and “are offered the same leadership opportunities,” the Fund said in a news release. Funding members “contribute a minimum of $100,000 over three years (historically, the only path to Fund membership and the organization’s sole source of funding), while civic members contribute a range of skills, backgrounds and experiences that help to inform the Fund’s current and future initiatives, but are under no financial obligation.”

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