The People and Stories Behind the Numbers

by | Sep 10, 2013

Northeast Ohio’s commitment to advancing a growing, opportunity-rich economy has been honored by the National Journal and was prominently featured in the 2013 book, The Metropolitan Revolution, published by the Brookings Institution. This recognition of our collaborative culture is important validation of our region’s progress. More important than outside validation, though, is the commitment of diverse stakeholders from across our region to align their individual efforts to address the region’s economic priorities. The strength and effectiveness of that alignment is the truest measure of our collaborative regional culture.

The National Journal – Back in Business

In 2013, The National Journal honored “pragmatic problem solvers” in several categories in its

Back in Business Special Report. The Fund was named the national winner in the area of developing regional economic strategies. The Journal praised our Fund for taking “the lead in implementing a comprehensive plan that has ignited a tangible turnaround in a region that has symbolized American industrial decline since the 1970s.”

This video from The National Journal‘s Back In Business forum features Fund President Brad Whitehead and Bruce Katz, co-author of The Metropolitan Revolution.

The MetroPolitan Revolution

This 2013 book by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley describes how cities and metropolitan areas and the networks of pragmatic leaders who govern them are taking on the big issues that Washington won’t — or can’t — solve. These metros are reshaping our economy and fixing our broken political system.

Our Fund’s work in Northeast Ohio is highlighted in Chapter 4, “The Post-Hero Economy:”

“Metropolitan areas are so big, so complicated and so diverse that they don’t need heroes, they need networks. … Northeast Ohio’s efforts to use networks to bring about a new economy—built on the foundations of its old economy—are aligned with powerful, social, economic, and cultural forces. … The Fund for Our Economic Future has been … successful at bolstering a network of economic development organizations that are changing the economy of Northeast Ohio. … (This) has taken time and great care.”