The Social Determinants of Thriving in the Workforce

Jul 22, 2022

Recent news about a strong job market may sound like great news for workers. But in Ohio, even as the economy appears to be rebounding, vacancies and high turnover remain. In a recent survey of over 750 local employers by the Fund for our Economic Future, nearly 80% confirmed that they are struggling to not only attract, but also retain employees.

The COVID pandemic has ushered in a new reality for workers, especially women, and access to economic opportunity has become about more than just going to work. A worker’s ability to succeed in their job is determined by a supporting framework of opportunities—called “social determinants of work.” This includes reliable transportation, dependable childcare, paid leave, and access to healthcare—to name a few.


  • Bishara Addison
    Director, Job Preparation, The Fund for Our Economic Future
  • Jill Rizika
    President & CEO , Towards Employment
  • Renée Timberlake
    Director, Economic Mobility, United Way Greater Cleveland


  • Teleange’ Thomas
    Chief Operations & Relationship Officer, JumpStart Inc.