Where Are the Workers? New data shows just how many employers are upping pay to attract and keep employees

by | Feb 2, 2022


CLEVELAND, Ohio — A new survey of Northeast Ohio’s employers confirms that it’s a workers’ market, and many companies are upping their pay to try and solve their labor problems.

The survey was part of Where Are the Workers?, a multiphase project from the Fund for Our Economic Future aimed at giving employers deeper insights than standard workforce data.

For this phase of the effort, hundreds of businesses were surveyed to get their perceptions on why workers are hard to find, and to learn more about what they’re doing to attract talent. Four out of five surveyed said they have been upping pay to try to solve their problem. And some are adding benefits like more flexibility and reimbursement for training.

Bethia Burke, president of the fund, said what stands out is potential employees are exploring their options.

“This is a choice market, and people are making choices,” Burke said.

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