Where Matters

Aug 14, 2023 | Research

Where Matters: Interactive Site Evaluation Tool

Visit wherematters.us to bring talent, equity and environmental insights into your site selection process so you can make smarter, more sustainable decisions for your business.

Enter an address anywhere across 380+ U.S. metro areas to launch the map. From there, enter up to four additional addresses to compare the labor pool, commute costs and emissions, transit access and more.

As the United States has entered a period of robust economic growth, expected to be both enormous in scale and rapid in pace, businesses are looking to expand to capitalize on this opportunity. As the analysis in this report shows, businesses’ location decisions have significant implications for talent, equity and sustainability. In short, where matters.

Where Matters: An analysis

Published in September 2021, Where Matters is an exploration of the impact of business location decisions on talent, equity, and sustainability.

This research was conducted by Katie Van Dusen, while a Holmes Fellow at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. The resulting report was developed in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, under the leadership of Bryce Sylvester, Director of Site Strategies at Team NEO and Brad Whitehead, Senior Advisor, Special Projects at the Fund for Our Economic Future, with design and data visualization by Reanna Karousis.