Our Story

At the Fund for Our Economic Future, we’re growing the everyone economy.

We are a coalition of leaders across Northeast Ohio united around a common belief: that a more equitable, prosperous future is possible for all.

We know an economy that excludes some will fail all. Too often, visions for a thriving region fail to acknowledge the geographic, demographic, and structural influences that shape long-term prosperity. And for too long, systemic racism has perpetuated income inequality and suppressed our collective potential. For too many of our region’s residents, a prosperous future is out of reach. We are working to change this reality for Northeast Ohio.

The Fund for Our Economic Future combines the philanthropic leverage of a funding collaborative, the curiosity and insight of a think tank, the innovation of an incubator and the convening power of an association. While our model defies common labels, it is simple in practice — we create space for our members to come together across sectors and communities to learn and lead.

For the past two decades we have developed, shaped, and funded enduring strategies and shifted the way our region thinks about true prosperity. On this foundation, we continue to build a better tomorrow: a growing regional economy with good jobs and rising incomes for all.

Our Vision

A growing Northeast Ohio economy creating good jobs and rising incomes for everyone, regardless of race or place.

Our Mission

The Fund for Our Economic Future is a creative space for philanthropic funders and civic leaders to explore what matters and implement what works to achieve equitable economic growth, emphasizing systemic, long-term change.

Our Region

Northeast Ohio spans 18 counties and four metropolitans: Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Youngstown. It’s home to more than 4 million residents and represents Ohio’s largest economy, with prestigious educational institutions, internationally recognized healthcare systems, a legacy of manufacturing and abundant environmental assets. Yet our region’s potential has been suppressed by systems that perpetuate economic polarization, no-growth sprawl and  racial exclusion. We are working to change this reality and realize a better tomorrow for Northeast Ohio.

Our Civic Collaborative

Explore the expansive network of members, funders and staff working to advance our shared vision.

Our Evolution

Since our founding in 2004, the Fund has been at the forefront of initiatives that work to advance an economy in which everyone can thrive. In the two decades since, our portfolio, network, and strategies have evolved in response to emerging challenges and opportunities while remaining rooted in our founding commitment to a Northeast Ohio economy that fosters equitable opportunity and supports true prosperity.