Why women are leaving the workforce and how employers can get them back

by | Dec 10, 2021

“Why aren’t women going back to work? There’s a couple of key reasons. One is the availability and affordability of childcare. Affordability was an issue long before the pandemic, but now the availability of childcare because there’s been childcare closures,” said Bishara Addision, the director of job preparation at the Fund for Our Economic Future.

The Fund for Our Economic Future is a philanthropic and civic alliance of over 40 organizations across Northeast Ohio that pool their resources together to invest and create a creative space around job preparation, job access and job creation.

Addison said FFEF is developing research in partnership with Policy Bridge, Team NEO, Conxus NEO, and Summit & Medina Workforce Area Council of Governments about where all the workers are and why they’re not working.

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