Introducing: The Amp

by | Feb 3, 2020

This week, we launched a brand-new website. This new site features several improvements over our previous home on the web. Our main priority was making our research and other resources more easily accessible to Northeast Ohio residents, our members, collaborators, and those within the economic development sphere.

Here are a few of the features we hope achieve this goal:

Streamlined Navigation: No one could fault our old site for being light on information. Finding what you were looking for, however, could be challenging. We’ve consolidated, reorganized and streamlined every element of our website, from the people and organizations who make up our Fund, to the research, work and news updates that mark our progress toward Growth & Opportunity.

Mobile Optimization: In 2019, internet use via mobile phones exceeded that of desktop computers, and many sources forecast that this trend will continue. Our new site is fully mobile-optimized, meaning that you can easily find that key piece of research while walking to your next meeting or check out our latest blog post while waiting in the checkout line.

New Blog: Introducing “The Amp,” the new home of our blog. Every month, we’ll be sharing a perspective or insight from one of our staff or members, answering your questions, or providing updates on our latest initiatives or partnerships.

If you’d like these updates directly in your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, which, along with our blog, has been refreshed to feature better, more frequent content to keep you engaged and informed.

We’re thrilled to launch this new platform for learning, sharing, collaborating, and reflecting on the myriad issues that shape Northeast Ohio’s economy and influence how our residents live and work. Take a look around and let us know what you think!