Working families battling worsening transportation barriers, which drive away employment interest

by | Dec 8, 2021

CLEVELAND — More and more jobs throughout Northeast Ohio are hiring but for many, the struggle of finding applicants remains. While incentives are helping get new hires through the door, getting to and from the job may be the biggest barrier in keeping employees.

“You’re seeing low wages and difficulty keeping that employment when they’re trying to juggle that whole life balance and not having the support systems when they have children,” said Melissa Russoniello, Director of El Bario and Workforce and The Centers for Families and Children. “According to a recent study out of The Ohio State University, more low-income people were forced to find work further away from their homes during the pandemic and especially during the state shutdown last year, compared to individuals who are better off financially. “Results showed that people living in low-income areas reduced their travel 41% during the lockdown significantly less than the 51% reduction found for people living in high-income areas and 49% reduction for those from middle-income neighborhoods.)”

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